Before you read this article, I want you to watch this video,


One video changed the destiny of the company. Instead of spending big money on TV, print and endorsements, one video changed the game for them. According to CISCO systems, in 2019, it’s estimated that over 80% of internet traffic will be from consumer video traffic. Think about that for a second. It’s estimated that around 5 billion people (that is 5,000,000,000) will have access to the internet and 80% of them are going to consume video on the internet.

Internet video streaming is now a serious avenue so much so that hit shows such as Daredevil and Narcos are online only shows. What this has done however is liberated the masses to create any original content they desire. Want to teach the world art? create your own show! want to show the world your cooking skills? create your own show! want to rant about the pesky government? well… you catch my drift. As a social media professional however, how do you leverage this new avenue to reach out your TG?


1. Product reviews,
Cookware to gardening, electronics to automobiles, there are many reviewers and content creators who review new products, reaching out to them is a great way to educate your audience from an expert review about your product.


2. In-video placement,
The work really well if you have a practically useful product or service. For example, you could target a comedy skit show where the skit is about someone who is planning a holiday and uses your travel portal or, a fashion reviewer using your price comparing app to find the hottest trends. The idea is to find synergy with a content creator who can find creative and practical uses for your product or service that is relevant to their audience.


3. Co-created content,
Co-created content is the art of story telling through a compelling video. I recently got an opportunity to host an internet automobile show and one of the videos that initially gripped me was a co-created video that followed the story of a struggling motorcycle racing champion who runs a racing school. Having raced before, I could empathize with the story so strongly, it persuaded me to write to them and today, I’m working with them. The brand that was prominent with that video is deeply ingrained in my mind. It is harder to create compelling content however it does have a deeper, emotional connect with your TG.


4. Integrate, integrate, integrate,
This is another tool in your social media arsenal, integrate other social media platforms through contests and opinions, keep the conversation going. The fact that you have instant feedback at your disposal is critical.

Now the chances of your content going viral is rare however, today, know that your audience is more likely to be engaged on video rather than text (note to self). The only question remains is how inventively can you adopt your strategies to meet this ever changing market.

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